Getting the Most for Your Small Business Advertising Budget

Have a small business with an even smaller advertising budget? There are ways to advertise at minimal costs for maximum results. Here are just a few ideas.
Business cards, like programmable led signs, are always a good investment. They can be handed out to potential clients, placed on bulletin boards at churches, schools, meeting places, or even left in stacks at area businesses. Some businesses use postcards or letters for targeted mass mailings. Have you ever gotten home and found a door hanger advertising a local business? Those work too. You can always use classified ads in newspapers. You write the copy and pay for it to be run for a specified amount of time. It will be categorized to your specifications so that the target audience will be reached. If you like print advertising, you can take it further by utilizing the local sales papers like the Shopper, or the Thrifty Nickel. Small papers like that generally have very inexpensive advertising and a widespread local reader base.
Radio advertising is not too expensive either and is generally very easy to achieve. Generally, radio stations have sales offices that handle all of this and you can even choose when you want your commercial to run. Some radio stations let you sponsor different parts of their lineup and they will plug your business throughout the whole show.
Everyone has seen flashing led open signs and commercials on television. Most areas also have a local public access station as well though and for a small amount, you can go into a studio and make a thirty minute or longer television show that will be aired on that channel. That is a good way to get the word out too. You could even have a question and answer segment, or show examples of your work.
Commercials are good too, but honestly, isn’t that the time when you get up to get snacks?
Some of the more innovative and motivated small business owners have actually been known to get out the phone book and call people. If whoever you are calling says no, they might remember your name when they do need the product or service that your company can provide.
You can advertise online in multiple ways. Craigslist is not expensive and very effective. Social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, Hi5, and others all have advertising space available that is seen by up to a million users per day. The plus about the online marketing is that you take your business from the local level to a worldwide awareness of your company, its products, and services.
Word of Mouth
This is the most effective way to advertise. People who have previously used your company tend to tell other people the quality of the goods or services provided. Make sure you always stay on top of your game because the better the quality, the better reviews former clients will pass on.
For the hungry, innovative business person, there are always ways to market your business.

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